My Burnout Story

You’d never know it from how happy I am now that only a few years ago I suffered career ending burnout at the peak of my medical practice. I not only survived but went on to thrive in my new career as a healthcare coach.

Let me tell you my burnout story. Its no secret that practicing medicine is one of the most stressful jobs there is and like most doctors I was working as hard as I could to keep up, sacrificing my family life and my own needs as well. After my practice was sold to a national corporation and the workload increased even further, I started on the downhill spiral of burnout. In the course of one year I lost my marriage, my home, my savingsmy job and almost lost my life. When I woke up one morning on a locked psych unit without my belt and shoelaces, and a guy in the next bed mumbling to himself, I knew I had truly hit rock bottom. It took me over a year of hard work, even with professional help, to recover.

But it didn’t have to be that way. If I had known an experienced professional coach to turn to, I could have stopped the spiral before it started. That’s why I decided to become a professional coach, putting my own experience to best use in preventing other doctors from going down that road.

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